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Our overall rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars from over 18702 reviews.

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  • Martyna A.Verified buyerReviewed on October 27, 2020

    have been waiting for something like this

    About Tinted Serum Vitamin C, Squalane & Aloe Vera

    I love the consistency and very light coverage. It complements the skin very well, makes the skin moisturized. It was THE tinted serum I was waiting for! I was lucky that the shade is just perfect for me, but I think that there should be way more colors. Not a fan of the applicator tho, it doesn't work as well as with more watery serums.
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  • Shona C.Verified buyerReviewed on June 30, 2020

    My skin is radiant

    About Radiance Night Serum Botanical Blend With White Rose

    I have been using this product every night for 3 weeks and the difference in my skin’s tone has been commented on by many friends. My skin is more even, less red and is glowing. Initially I was surprised by the small bottle but you do not need to use much product each night and have loads of product left. It is not heavily perfumed and the scent is beautiful and comforting very naturally scented, I love this and will definitely repurchase
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  • Michelle G.Verified buyerReviewed on August 14, 2020

    Lovely packaging. I love this

    About 9-Ingredient Face Moisturiser

    Lovely packaging. I love this cream already, it seeps nicely into my skin and is not oily at all. I have only been using for a few days and no allergies, I have super sensitive skin. The price is also a 'steal'.
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  • Colin F.Verified buyerReviewed on July 7, 2020


    About Hydrolate Organic Peppermint

    I use the peppermint hydrolate on a cotton pad as a toner after my cleanser and it really helped my skin! My face feels instantly cooler and after several applications I found it to also clear my skin and reduce the appearance of pores. The packaging size is quite small though and with daily use it will probably only last about a month. Also the packaging is made of plastic. It would be great to have a bigger size and made out of glass. You could also just make a batch of peppermint tea, put it in the fridge and fill it in a bottle for application, I figure the effects are about the same.
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  • Huishan P.Verified buyerReviewed on June 12, 2020

    go-to basic daily lip balm!

    About 9-Ingredient Lip Balm

    My lips are excessively dry and peel slightly when I don't drink enough water, applying this lip balm helps to moisturise! However, it's not sufficient for flaky lips.
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  • Dasa G.Verified buyerReviewed on June 11, 2020

    Obsessed with the scent and

    About Radiance Night Serum Botanical Blend With White Rose

    Obsessed with the scent and texture of this oil serum!
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  • Barbara G.Verified buyerReviewed on February 20, 2021

    nice product

    About Toning serum with a 5 vitamin complex

    I am 55, and I found this product while I was watching a Lisa Eldrige tutorial; suddenly I purchased it becouse I use a lot of clean skincare or makeup items it is amazing
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  • Mai L.Verified buyerReviewed on February 19, 2021

    Allergic reaction

    About Redness & Blemish Serum 12% Niacinamide

    It's not the first time I use Niacinamide, but this one gave me itchy and small blemishes all over the face. At the beginning I thought it was a mask I used causing it, but after 2 weeks I realized it was the serum. I tried using it only AM but nothing, I had to gave up.
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  • Susanne H.Verified buyerReviewed on February 14, 2021

    Ganz gut

    About 9-Ingredient Lip Balm

    Ich liebe die Verpackung und es fühlt sich auch gut auf den Lippen an, allerdings hält es nicht lange an, dann werden die Lippen wieder rau.
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  • Hadassah S.Verified buyerReviewed on January 31, 2021

    Phenomenal oil for dry, inflamed skin

    About Botanical Oil Organic Hemp

    I bought the oil for to calm irritated and bumpy skin (Keratosis pilaris) on upper arms and shoulders. One single application per day for a week has already softened the skin! Will keep using it and found combining it the nettle soap and alternating with the macerated carrot oil makes the skin more supple and radiant.
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