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Toning serum
with a 5 vitamin complex

Concentrated in active antioxidants to offer a preventive and corrective effect against the visible signs of ageing. Your complexion is toned, uniform, and luminous.

Active ingredients: Vitamin B3 - Provitamin B5 and Vitamin B5 - Vitamin E - Vitamin C - Vitamin B6.

92% naturally-derived.

This product is

Made in France, Vegan, Fragrance-free


Sérum complexe vitamines pour peau terne

The 5 vitamins present in this serum work simultaneously on different factors involved in the radiance and balance of the skin, including vitamin B3, provitamin B5, vitamin B5, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.

92% naturally-derived.


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Sérum peau terne au complexe de 5 vitamines mise en situation

Vitamins are organic substances produced by living things (unlike minerals.)
The body is unable to synthesize these essential vitamins on its own (except for vitamins D and K.). This means they can only be retrieved through food or by topically applying them to your skin.

When it comes to your skin, vitamins play a major role in its health in several ways. This 5 vitamin complex offers both a preventive and corrective effect on the appearance of the signs of ageing while restoring radiance and uniformity to the complexion.




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    This product is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. We have collected more than 11 reviews.

    • Barbara G.Verified buyerReviewed on February 20, 2021

      nice product

      I am 55, and I found this product while I was watching a Lisa Eldrige tutorial; suddenly I purchased it becouse I use a lot of clean skincare or makeup items it is amazing
      Was this review helpful?
    • François V.Verified buyerReviewed on March 30, 2021

      Huge difference!

      I bought this serum thinking that my skin needed a boost but honestly didn’t exuwuch a difference. Just after a couple of days,everyone around told me how radiant I looked - and I could see it too! A must have, I’m so happy!
      Was this review helpful?
    • Carmen C.Verified buyerReviewed on May 5, 2021

      nice serum

      I have combination skin and this serum worked well for me. The only downside is that the consistency is a bit sticky.
      Was this review helpful?
    • Sarah N.Verified buyerReviewed on December 24, 2020

      Still waiting to see any

      Still waiting to see any results
      Was this review helpful?
    • Asta M.Verified buyerUnited Kingdom, January 29, 2021

      Definitely see a difference in

      Definitely see a difference in my skin, looks much brighter
      Was this review helpful?

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