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Exfoliating Toner
8% Glycolic Acid

An active-rich toner to exfoliate skin, tighten pores and reduce blackheads.

90% naturally-derived.

Active ingredients: Glycolic Acid - Lemongrass Hydrolate - Botanical Glycerin

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Made in France, Fragrance-free


The skin is naturally acidic. Some cleansers with a higher pH combined with external factors like pollution can disturb the skin's fragile pH balance. When damaged, the skin's acidic mantle causes irritation and can't defend itself against bacteria that can end up causing pimples and inflammation.

This exfoliating and astringent toner, with an acidic pH similar to the skin's, works to rebalance the skin's pH after cleansing. It also removes the limestone and mineral residues present in tap water that find their way on the skin during cleansing.
Concentrated in exfoliating active ingredients, this toner helps refine skin texture and eliminate dead skin cells.



  • Precautions


Tonique exfoliant

An uneven complexion can be due to the accumulation of dead skin cells that are stuck on the surface of the skin. Pores are present everywhere on our skin and help to evacuate sebum and sweat. These pores are sometimes enlarged on the T-zone.
Our highly concentrated glycolic acid toner helps tighten pores and remove dead skin for smoother skin and a more even complexion. Glycolic acid is a potent treatment to effectively fight against blackheads. (Read the precautions before use)

Glycolic acid (8%):

Glycolic acid is an exfoliating powerhouse for the upper layers of the skin and has astringent (pore tightening) and pore-cleansing properties. This then helps reduce the presence of blackheads, caused by the accumulation of sebum in the pores.
Glycolic acid is the best known peel for the superficial layer of the skin. Dead cells bound together are found on the surface of the epidermis. Glycolic acid works by breaking up these bonds, making it easy to remove them. Thus, the skin is left with a rejuvenated, unified and toned upper layer.
In addition to its peeling effect, glycolic acid also moisturises due to its stimulating effect on cell renewal and hyaluronic acid synthesis.

Lemongrass hydrolate:

Lemongrass hydrolate is known for its antibacterial properties. In addition, its acidic pH works to reduce the appearance of pores.
Rich in antibacterial monoterpenols, lemongrass hydrolate is known for its cleansing benefits. Its acidic pH also works to reduce the size of pores making this hydrolate particularly beneficial for acne-prone skin, to prevent the appearance of future blackheads and blemishes.

Vegetable glycerin:

Glycerin captures moisture from the air to ensure superficial hydration of the skin.



All your frequently asked questions about Exfoliating Toner — 8% Glycolic Acid

  • Question
    Hello, What is the difference with Salicylic Acid Purifying Toner? Thank you very much!
    The purifying tonic will reduce the appearance of imperfections and help to dry out pimples, while the exfoliating tonic will smooth the skin texture and soften the marks.
    By Typology
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  • Question
    How many times a week can it be used?
    Depending on the needs of your skin, two to three times a week ;)
    By Typology
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  • Question
    At what point in the routine should the tonic be used? I guess like this but I would like your confirmation :) - hydrolat or micellar - tonic - serum - oil or cream
    Hello, that's exactly right ;) Note however that the hydrolate is applied after the micellar water on cleansed skin.
    By Typology
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  • Question
    Can this Exfoliating Toner be used with the Glycolic Acid Concentrated Serum?
    yes of course, only in the evening and if you don't have sensitive skin
    By Typology
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  • Question
    My lotion is turning yellow, should I keep it in the refrigerator?
    Don’t worry, this has no effect on the effectiveness of the product :)
    By Typology
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This product is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. We have collected more than 55 reviews.

  • Aisling M.Verified buyerReviewed on March 2, 2021

    Better than The Ordinary

    Not sure how I feel about using this stuff on my face but it is definitely a better version than The Ordinary
    Was this review helpful?
  • Leighann W.Verified buyerUnited Kingdom, December 30, 2020

    Amazing Toner!

    Within a week I've seen a real differnce in my skin. It feels smoother and refreshed.
    Was this review helpful?
  • Florian B.Verified buyerFrance, April 27, 2020


    The product takes on an orange hue after a few days. You're still going to tell us, as with the Vitamin C serum, that it has no effect, but I have my doubts. All cosmetic experts will say that it is a sign of oxidation and therefore a decrease in the effectiveness of the active ingredients. So I think there is again a problem of stabilization and/or ingredients in your recipes.

    Translated from French.

    Was this review helpful?
  • Alexandra P.Verified buyerFrance, April 6, 2020

    I've used it every

    I used it every day (every now and then in the morning when I wasn't going out) and the condition of my skin gradually improved. My pores are still visible but slightly less apparent. I'll have to find something even stronger to tighten them completely even though it's already helped a bit.

    Translated from French.

    Was this review helpful?
  • Camille V.Verified buyerFrance, April 1, 2020


    It's great for smoothing the skin day after day for a more even complexion. I recommend it!

    Translated from French.

    Was this review helpful?

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