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The key to a long-lasting tan

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Yuzu Mandarine
Natural Eau de Parfum

An invigorating and fresh fragrance with citrus notes of yuzu and mandarin. To be enjoyed alone or layered with our other perfumes.

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This product is Made in France . Naturally-derived . Vegan



A natural eau de parfum with notes of yuzu and mandarin. The combination of the two citrus fruits makes this an invigorating and energising fragrance.

Omnipresent in Japanese culture, yuzu is a citrus fruit with a marked acidity – a natural hybrid of wild tangerine and Ichang lemon. The green mandarin, a citrus fruit with sweet flesh originating from China, brings a softer and more delicate note to the scent.


    Composed largely of lively and fresh top notes, this yuzu eau de parfum offers a strong initial scent but then evaporates gradually. For a long-lasting fragrance, we invite you to layer it with more concentrated scents with aromatic heart and base notes.

    Main notes: Yuzu + Mandarine Category: Top notes Scent lasting time: Low



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