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Purifying Masks x4
Charcoal Powder

Add water, shake it, and your mask is ready! Contains four 94% natural, preservative-free face masks. Its purifying gel texture is easy to apply and remove.

This product is

Naturally-derived, Vegan


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bamboo charcoal

Charcoal powder is transformed into a gel by simply adding water and stirring it. With a light and pleasant texture, this mask helps deeply cleanse the skin. Preservative-free formula.

Charcoal powder purifies and cleanses the skin. It's been mechanically ground by pulverizing the branches, shoots, and roots of bamboo plants. Charcoal has a uniquely high absorption capacity, capturing impurities and cleansing impurities on the skin. The Purifying Charcoal Mask can be combined with Peppermint Hydrolate to offer more astringent benefits on the visibly enlarged pores of the skin.



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