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10-Ingredient Shampoo

A shampoo free from sulphates, silicone and fragrance for sensitive scalps.

99% naturally-derived.

Save 50% on the original price

This product is

Made in France, 100/100 Yuka Score, Fragrance-free, Vegan



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This sulphate-free shampoo has been designed to gently cleanse the hair and not irritate the scalp using just ten ingredients.

1. Purified water: a solvent to help the other ingredients mix together. It's been purified to remove all traces of bacteria.

2. Wheat protein: repairs, restructures and protects hair fibres.

3. Coconut Betaine: derived from coconuts, works as a mild surfactant to clean hair.

4. Glycerin: derived from rapeseeds, corn and sunflowers to hydrate the scalp.

5. Lauryl Glucoside: a mild surfactant derived from coconuts and glucose that gently cleanses the hair.

6. Salt: to thicken the texture of the shampoo without sulphates or silicone.

7. Xanthan gum: a gel made from corn and beet sugar to thicken the texture of the formula.

8. Citric Acid: derived from the process of corn fermentation, it balances the pH of the formula to avoid scalp irritation.

9/10. Potassium Sorbate & Sodium Benzoate: gentle preservatives to prevent bacteria growth in the shampoo, eliminating the risk of infection.

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