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logo Black for Good

Let's make Black Friday a time for thoughtful and responsible drinking.

While it is tempting to favour a classic promotion strategy, we thought we could do better.
Engaging in another promotion period in the year can be particularly detrimental to young brands, especially when their business model and margin structure is not built around price reductions. At the same time, we feel a real desire from our community to be able to engage in actions that have a positive societal and environmental impact.

Every Black Friday, instead of discounting products, Typology will donate all profits from Black Friday - Cyber Monday (27-30 November 2020) to charity.

Criticism is also not a sufficient deterrent to do good around us. On the contrary, our mission at Typology is to inspire critical thinking, challenge the norm and do things better. This campaign is not about positioning ourselves above, nor is it about pointing the finger at those who don't participate, it is more of a positive and encouraging call to action for those who think Black Friday could be... better.

We strongly believe that the biggest opportunity right now is to level the playing field between consumers and brands: to produce effective products, communicate fairly, with honest prices and work towards mutually beneficial goals. Climate change is the most urgent mutual goal: it is a cause that certainly does not distinguish between customer and company. We are all concerned.

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