Typology Support

I did not receive my package

If you haven’t received your package, we recommend you check with your neighbours or your building’s caretaker who may have collected it. It’s also possible that the delivery status has been updated slightly in advance and that the package will arrive later that day. 

If you still have no sign of your package, write to us so that we can find a solution together. We also remind you that any report concerning the delivery of your order must be communicated to our customer service within 14 days following the delivery date of the parcel indicated on the tracking.


Please note that some of the products in our catalogue are available in very limited quantities (Advent calendar, sets, …) and are not entitled to a claim resolution with a reshipment at the brand's charge. (find all the information here)


Our customer service team will offer a solution equivalent to the amount originally spent or adapted to the situation.