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Eau de parfum jasmin néroli de 30ml
Parfum aux notes de cèdre et de vétiver de 30ml de face

Pamplemousse Petitgrain - Jasmin Néroli - Cèdre Vétiver

You save 18,00 € on this set.

Create a uniquely sweet, floral fragrance with grapefruit, jasmine and cedar notes by layering three of our natural eaux de parfum.

Pamplemousse Petitgrain 30ml + Jasmin Néroli 30ml + Cèdre Vétiver 30ml

This product is

Made in France, Naturally-derived, Vegan



  • Sweet Floral


Discover our eaux de parfum concentrated in natural essential oils and created by our perfumer in the Provence region of France. Create your signature scent by immersing yourself in different fragrances concentrated in top notes, heart notes or base notes. All our eaux de parfum can also be applied on their own.

Pamplemousse Petitgrain Eau de Parfum Naturelle: Also called pomelo, grapefruit brings sweet and fruity citrus notes to the fragrance. Petitgrain – obtained by distilling the flowers and leaves of the bitter orange tree – adds a note of bitterness to the fragrance.

Jasmin Néroli Eau de Parfum Naturelle: One of the most expensive and precious raw materials used in perfumes, jasmine is a powerful flower considered to be a symbol of beauty. Derived from the bitter orange blossom, neroli owes its name to Princess Anne-Marie Orsini of Nerola (Italy), who used it to infuse her baths. An opulent note, neroli has several facets, ranging from citrus to floral.

Cèdre Vétiver Eau de Parfum Naturelle: A noble wood, cedar reveals its warm and sensual facets to this scent. Native to southern India, vetiver is a plant whose roots offer a green and aromatic note.




The overall rating for this product is 4.3 out of 5 stars. We have collected more than 90 reviews.

  • Julie G.Verified buyerFrance, April 6, 2020

    I like him very much.

    About Cèdre Vétiver Natural Eau de Parfum

    Her fresh smell has a lot of character, I've been given nice compliments, she has a mixed copy, a bit of a tomboy, which I like. Small flat, the smell doesn't last very long...

    Translated from French.

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  • Nai K.Verified buyerUnited States, August 9, 2020

    Nice start, quick to dissipate.

    About Jasmin Néroli Natural Eau de Parfum

    Nice start, quick to dissipate.
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  • Min J.Verified buyerReviewed on November 20, 2020


    About Cèdre Vétiver Natural Eau de Parfum

    I think something has been wrong. My package hasn’t been arrived yet... Laposte saids “02/11/2020 Your shipment has arrived at the delivery office in the destination country.” How can I get my package? Please check the order again and let me know by email.My email address:
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  • Mélissa G.Verified buyerReviewed on December 29, 2020

    Très doux

    About Jasmin Néroli Natural Eau de Parfum

    Un odeur très agréable avec une douce note de parfum fleurie
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  • Kalina Z.Verified buyerReviewed on July 15, 2020

    Delicate and sweet

    About Jasmin Néroli Natural Eau de Parfum

    I enjoy the perfume, it is very natural and delicate, rather sweet. It is not very long lasting. Love the packaging!
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