Lip care


Active ingredients: squalane + vitamin E + jojoba oil

Formulated without mineral oils, silicones and nanoparticles, these oils bring comfort and suppleness while delicately coloring the lips.

Available in 5 light coverage shades, their glossy, non-sticky finish is suitable for every occasion.

98% naturally-derived ingredients.

Lip and contour plumping serum

Lip and contour plumping serum

Active ingredients: hyaluronic acid 1% + tripeptide

Moisturizes and softens while stimulating collagen production for plumper lips and a smooth contour.

Can be used before makeup to provide long-lasting hydration.

99% naturally-derived ingredients.

Lip care

Lip care

Lips do not naturally produce sebum and often suffer from dryness.

The skin around the lips is thinner, fragile and more stressed by intense muscular activity. Fine lines form and the lip contour becomes less defined.

Discover our treatments dedicated to revitalizing and caring for your lips.