4 moisturizers.
4 concerns.

4 moisturizers.
4 concerns.

Meet your moisturizer match. These four unique formulations provide essential moisture while addressing specific concerns with active ingredients.

For fine lines and wrinkles:

The Firming Moisturizer with 0.2% Retinol + Tsubaki Oil targets loss of firmness and the appearance of lines.

For very dry skin:

The Nourishing Moisturizer with 1% Hyaluronic Acid + Shea Butter is a rich, enveloping formula that soothes and comforts tight, dry skin.

For oily, blemish-prone skin:

The Purifying Moisturizer with 4% Zinc PCA + Bamboo Extract helps regulate sebum production to prevent blemishes and shine.

For daily hydration:

The 9-Ingredient Face Moisturizer is lightweight, fluid and ideal for an everyday hydration and comfort.

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