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Essential Oil
Organic Tea Tree

Use to purify the skin and cleanse the scalp. 100% pure and complete. From organic farming. Discover the recipes](#helper)

This product is

DIY, Made in France, Vegan


Commonly used for its purifying action, tea tree essential oil is the ally of acne-prone skin. It is also known for its effectiveness against infections.find our recipes based on tea tree essential oil at the bottom of the page.

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Tea Tree

Our essential oil has been distilled from tea tree leaves belonging to the Myrtaceae family, native to South Africa, and has a liquid texture, is colourless and has a terpenic odour. The name tea tree was given by navigator James Cook and his crew. When they arrived in Australia in 1776, they infused melaleuca leaves in water for their own consumption. It was in the 20th century that the tea tree began to be used by the Australian army in first aid kits, acting as a natural antibiotic.


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