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Typology's commitments.

For Earth Day, Typology reaffirms its ecological commitments and goes even further in its desire to create products that are increasingly respectful of the environment and its customers' health. These past few months, we have managed to obtain several sustainable labels, such as:
COSMEBIO, for some Typology ranges.
Typology is very committed to environmental issues and from the very beginning, we have implemented actions to reduce our environmental impact. For instance, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, we have been using parcel boxes that fit directly into mailboxes. Most of our packagings are made of aluminium or glass, so they can be easily recycled.
Today, we want to go even further.

    Recycled and recyclable packaging in 2021

    We continue to make progress in our desire to drastically reduce our plastic production.
    Today, although 80% of our products are already made of either glass or aluminium packaging - which is infinitely recyclable - some product volumes (100ml + 200ml) and certain formulations can only be kept in recyclable plastic packaging, but not yet in packaging made from recycled plastic.
    In 2021, we want to integrate 30% recycled plastic in the packaging of these references.
    Within five years, we want to reach 100% recycled plastic. However this is a challenge, as highly active formulations can attack fragile materials more easily.

      Our formulations

      In terms of formulation, Typology has one of the strictest ingredient blacklists in the cosmetics industry. However, we would like to go even further by completely excluding certain controversial ingredients that are widely used in cosmetics, such as copolymers. These components, which are harmless to the consumer, are not biodegradable. They are therefore excluded from our brand's products.

      Find our complete ingredients blacklist here

        Our certifications

        B-corp - After more than a year of auditing, the achievement of this status reinforces Typology's commitment to having a positive impact on the environment and society, as well as in its business and operational activities. It is now a guarantee that Typology works daily to reduce its impact on the environment and pays particular attention to the well-being of its employees, customers and partners.

        Cosmébio - this label guarantees that Typology products contain at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin. It is also a guarantee that the manufacturing and cleaning processes are controlled so as to exclude techniques that would be harmful to the environment, and that the packaging is well thought out.
        Therefore, responsible communication and transparency are crucial: all of our products are labelled with information that will help you understand them clearly, such as the percentages of natural and organic origin.

        Peta - Typology is and will always remain a vegan and cruelty-free brand. We are also very strict about our ingredient blacklist, and choose not use any ingredients from animal exploitation or animal testing, either in the finished product (in accordance with European legislation) or in of our products’ ingredients.