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Tips for feeling good throughout your cycle

Published July 19, 2021, by La rédaction, — 3 min read

Throughout the menstrual cycle, two hormones fluctuate greatly: estrogen and progesterone

These hormonal changes lead to successive changes in the body. Here are our tips on each week of your menstrual cycle to help you avoid the physical and psychological inconveniences throughout the month!


The pain felt during this week, known as menstrual cramps, is due to the molecules that help detach the lining of your uterus. We have a few tips to help relieve them.

Applying some heat on your lower abdomen offers very beneficial effects on menstrual pain. Apply a hot water bottle, especially at night. Heat can dilate blood vessels and relaxing the muscles, thus alleviating uterine cramps.

If necessary, you can also take painkillers. Be sure to consult with your doctor or pharmacist beforehand.

Avoid aspirin, which causes the blood to thin and become more fluid, which risks intensifying your periods.

For aromatherapy enthusiasts, dilute 3 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil in a teaspoon of the vegetable oil of your choice. Then massage your lower abdomen with this mixture. The anti-spasmodic properties of this oil can offer soothing actions at the beginning of the cycle.

Finally, moving and being active works to fight the pain.


During this week, your estrogen levels are at their peak. This is the hormone of 'femininity,' so it's the time when you can feel your most desirable. The libido is also often at its highest.

Enjoy this week of good moods and energy!


After ovulation, your progesterone levels begin to increase while estrogen decreases. During this week, you may feel moodier or more anxious than usual. Some women also report having a greater appetite.

During this week, we advise you to continue being active. Meditation and yoga are very good ways to channel the different emotions you feel.


75% of women report experiencing [premenstrual symptoms](/b/understanding-premenstrual-syndrome-pms) (also known as PMS), which are characterised by sore breasts, weight changes, sadness, or irritation...

This week can be difficult. Again, we advise you to use yoga and meditation to get away from these symptoms, go outside to walk, breathe, and stay active.

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