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What are the advantages of cold saponification?


The cold saponification method (SAF) is an old artisanal technique, which cannot be transposed on a large scale. These handmade soaps offer various advantages that industrial soaps lack:

1. The integrity of the raw

materials The cosmetic properties of each oil are preserved because they have not been exposed to high temperatures. Indeed, the cold saponification process does not include a heating step. The oil then retains all its vitamins and nutrients.

2. Respect for the environment

Cold saponification avoids the waste of raw materials and does not form unnecessary by-products. Moreover, it is an energy-saving method.

3. The natural presence of moisturizing

glycerine The glycerine present in the soap is naturally derived from the manufacturing process. This vegetable glycerin has humectant properties, i.e. it captures the water molecules present in the atmosphere to moisturise the skin, making the soap very soft and leaving the skin comfortable. Conversely, industrial soaps contain "artificially" glycerine, which is added at the end of the manufacturing process.

4. The absence of preservatives

SAF soaps do not require the addition of a preservative system. Indeed, a solid soap with fat is not favorable to microbial development.