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Understanding skin aging


Skin ageing is a physiological, and therefore natural, process. However, in the presence of certain factors, this ageing process can also accelerate. The first factor responsible is sun exposure.

We can then distinguish:
On one hand, chronological ageing is inevitable due to genetic and hormonal influences.
On the other hand, photo-induced ageing, or photoageing, is due to the sun.

Photoageing is totally independent of normal skin ageing.

The mechanisms of skin ageing include oxidation reactions, DNA alteration, and hormonal changes.

Gradually, skin cells renew themselves less rapidly and the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases, leaving the skin drier and more vulnerable.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It spreads out over the surface of our body, forming a protective envelope of more than 2m2 in adulthood.
This strategic location leaves the skin highly exposed to external factors, especially UV rays, which are responsible for photo-induced ageing.

The considerable increase in life expectancy, coupled with the rise in the standard of living of the human species, has encouraged research related to skin ageing. Scientists are now trying to identify the mechanisms involved, with the aim of developing solutions to combat the signs of ageing.

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