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The different types of under-eye bags


There are 2 types of under-eye bags: those filled with water and excess fluids, and those filled with pockets of fat.

Fatty under-eye bags:

Features: The skin of the lower eyelid is puffy because of the accumulation of sub-orbital (aka under-eye) fat.

Causes: With age, your body's production of collagen and elastin decreases. What's more, the effect of gravity also contributes to the gradual shift of fats from around the eye that starts to accumulate in the lower eyelids.

Profile: The risk of fatty bags under the eyes increases with age.

Solutions: Once this type of under-eye bag is in place, it's tough to get rid of. One solution is to follow a healthy lifestyle that limits skin sagging.
Besides a lifestyle change, the only effective technique consists of surgically removing excess fat from your lower eyelids.

Under-eye bags from water retention:

Features: Often very pronounced after waking up in the morning, this type of under-eye bag diminishes as the morning progresses. The visible puffiness is temporary.

Causes: This type of under-eye bag is the result of the accumulation of excess fluids in the area under your eyes.
When laying down, your blood and lymph tend to stagnate in your vessels, which then become engorged with fluid. Under the effect of blood pressure, the fluids escape from your capillaries and end up in your extravascular eye contour area, forming puffy under-eye bags.
It's essentially an oedema of the lower eyelid that forms overnight and its peak in the morning.

Profile: Most people remark these under-eye bags after waking up. It's been attributed to poor blood circulation, as the fluids pass from the vascular to the extravascular systems underneath your skin.

Solutions: There are many tricks to remedy this. First of all, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Also, reduce your salt intake to avoid excess water retention. Finally, many techniques promote lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling like applying cornflower hydrolate or applying something cold on and around the eyes. Caffeine is also very effective in reducing swelling and puffiness.

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