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Shiny skin and T-zone


Shiny skin most often occurs on the T-zone of the face.

The forehead, nose, corners of the nose, and chin represent the t-zone. These areas are where the sebaceous glands are the most abundant and the most sebum is produced.

Although combination and oily skin are often most affected by this problem, all skin types can have shiny skin around the t-zone.

Shiny skin can occur due to your skin type. Since combination and oily skins produce an excess of sebum, they tend to have a lot of shiny areas on the face.

Several external factors can accentuate the shiny appearance of the skin.
Heat is an important cause of the appearance of shine on the t-zone. In summer, the skin sweats more because of sun exposure and high temperatures. Also in times of stress, we tend to sweat excessively, especially on the T-zone. Alcohol consumption and an overly spicy diet contribute to the production of sebum. Finally, pollution is a factor in the appearance of shiny areas on the face.

Shiny skin solutions:
Once or twice a week, you can perform targeted treatments using a gentle exfoliating scrub and a purifying mask.

If you have dry skin, you can use thermal water sprays that you wipe off with a cotton pad after each use. This will allow you to purify your skin without damaging it.

For combination or oily skin, we recommend that you refer to our articles on blackheads and enlarged pores, which will help you complete these tips.

For dry skin, the use of antibacterial soaps, which are too aggressive for the skin, is not recommended.