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Normal skin: choosing your skincare


Normal skin is characterised by an absence of discomfort and tightness as well as tightened pores.

In addition to your skin type, which is permanent, every person experiences changes in the state of his or her skin. Depending on the season, life periods, or hormonal activity, your skin may be dehydrated, sensitive or marked by signs of ageing. To compensate for these skin concerns, specific skincare products should be added to your routine that's uniquely adapted to your skin type.
(To find out your skin type, see our article: Knowing your skin type.). We'd advise you to use a gentle cleanser that's not aggressive on the skin. You can choose the texture that suits you best. It can be a lotion-based face wash, micellar water, cleansing milk, or makeup removing oil.

After cleansing, we recommend always applying a moisturizing cream to protect your skin and keep it hydrated.

Once or twice a week, you gently exfoliate your skin and following it up with a moisturising mask.