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Ingredient profile: Glycolic Acid


INCI:Glycolic acid

Origin: Synthetic or natural

Natural sources:
Sugar cane, beet, grapes

Skin types:
Acne-prone skin
Dull skin
Irregular, rough skin
Mature skin
Blemish-prone skin
Peeling skin

History & Discovery :
1848**: the French chemist Auguste Laurent manages to isolate glycolic acid from sugar cane.

Chemical family:
Crude Formula: C2H4O3
The smallest of the AHAs
Natural organic acid

Lipophilic (fat-soluble)

Cosmetic properties:
KERATOLYTIC / EXFOLIATING: Promotes desquamation (elimination of dead cells). This mechanism is also called chemical peeling.
ANTI-IMPERFECTIONS: unblocks clogged pores.
BRIGHTENING: eliminates the superficial layers of the skin and stimulates cell renewal.
HYDRATING: stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and promotes the hydration of the stratum corneum.
ASTRINGENT: tightens the pores.

Cosmetic indications :
Dilated pores
Brown spots
Dull complexion

Did you know?
Many dermatologists offer peels with very high concentrations of glycolic acid, which must be supervised by a specialist.

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