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Ingredient profile: Ferulic Acid


INCI: Ferulic acid

Origin: Synthetic or natural

Natural sources:
Rice, wheat, corn

Skin types:
Mature skin
Dull skin

History & Discovery:
1866**: Hlasiwetz and Barth, two Austrian chemists, define ferulic acid for the first time.

Chemical family:
Crude formula: C10H10O4
Organic acid

Hydrophilic (water-soluble)

Cosmetic properties:
ANTIOXIDANT: Traps free radicals.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Reduces redness caused by inflammation.
ANTI-SPOT: Inhibits the production of melanin.
PHOTO-PROTECTIVE: Limits the death of skin cells exposed to UV rays.

Cosmetic indications :
Skin ageing
Wrinkles, fine lines
Dull skin
Brown spots

Did you know?
Ferulic acid is abundant in many plants, where it participates in the synthesis of plant cell walls. It's also used as a food additive to prevent colour changes in food by reducing oxidation.

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