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Ingredient Spotlight: Salicylic Acid


INCI: Salicylic Acid

Origin: Synthetic or natural

Natural sources :
White willow bark, meadowsweet

Types of skin:
Combination skin
Oily skin
Acne-prone skin
Dull skin
Irregular, rough skin
Skin with imperfections

History & Discovery :
Antiquity: Hippocrates and Galen mentioned in their writings the use of willow to reduce fever and pain.
1829**: a French pharmacist, Pierre-Joseph Leroux, extracts salicylic acid for the first time from white willow bark.

Chemical Family: Chemical Family:
Raw formula: C7H6O3
Beta-Hydroxy-Acid or BHA

Lipophilic (fat-soluble)

Cosmetic properties:
KERATOLYTIC / EXFOLIATING: promotes desquamation (elimination of dead cells). This mechanism is also known as chemical peeling.
ANTIBACTERIAL: slows down the development of bacteria in sebum.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: calms redness caused by inflammation.

Cosmetic indications :
Brown spots
Ingrown hairs
Dull complexion

Did you know?
Salicylic acid is a precursor of acetylsalicylic acid, the main ingredient in Aspirin.
In plants, salicylic acid plays an essential role in the resistance to aggressions, growth, and photosynthesis.

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