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How does cornflower hydrolate work on under-eye bags?


Like the poppy flower, the cornflower naturally grows wild in fields.

Extracted during the steam distillation process of cornflowers, this precious hydrolate is renowned for its soothing and decongesting properties, especially around the eye contour.
Used throughout many centuries, cornflower hydrolate has even been nicknamed the "glass breaker" water for its action on puffy eyes or water retention under-eye bags.
It is also the best ally for tired eyes, especially for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

How can I use cornflower hydrolate?
❶ First things first- be sure to store your hydrolate in the fridge or add a gentle preservative like cosgard
❷ Every morning after waking up, soak a cotton pad in fresh cornflower hydrolate before playing them on each eyelid.
❸ Lay down and dream for another 5 minutes while its soothing actions work to depuff your eyes.
By activating your microcirculation, it stimulates the drainage of the liquid that's accumulated in the extracellular medium around your eyes.

Iced cotton pads:

You can combine the decongesting action of cornflower's active ingredients with the depuffing benefits of cold contact, which also activates your circulation. Simply place your cotton pads in the freezer before resting them on your puffy eyelids. This synergy of these two will enhance your results.

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