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Botanical oil or macerated oil?


Both botanical oils and macerated oils are plant extracts in oil form, but their extraction method and their concentration of active ingredients are where they differ. Here are some tips to understand their differences.

Botanical oils:

A botanical oil is a fatty substance that's been extracted by hot or cold pressing from oleaginous fruits or seeds that are rich in fatty acids and low in water. For its properties to be active, it's necessary to use a cold-pressed botanical oil.

Virgin botanical oils are used in cosmetics and can be mixed with other ingredients and active ingredients. Season.com offers recipes based on botanical oils. These oils are effective for reconstructing the skin's protective hydrolipidic film barrier.

Unlike essential oils, there is no warning for using botanical oils for pregnant women. Botanical oils are composed of active ingredients present in the plants used. It is more concentrated, especially if the plants have been cold infused.

Macerated oils:

Macerated oil is extracted through the hot or cold maceration of plants in botanical oil. After this process, the botanical oil retains the active ingredients present in the plants used. This means that macerated oils are more concentrated, especially if the infusion of the plants was done cold.

Like botanical oils, macerated oils can be used alone or mixed with other ingredients. It has various properties, depending on the botanical oil and the plant selected.