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Activated shampoos

New hair care collection

Formulated without sulfates and silicones, those shampoos respect the hair fibre and the balance of the scalp.

Their formulas are enriched with active ingredients targeting specific concerns.

Discover our 3 new shampoos.

Nourishing shampoo

Concerns: dry, brittle and damaged hair.

Active ingredients: biolipid complex 1% + camellia oil.

Repairs and nourishes the hair fibre deeply, smoothes the hair cuticle. Hydrates and soothes the scalp.

95% naturally-derived ingredients.

Volumising shampoo

Concerns: fine hair, lacking in density or volume.

Active ingredients: almond protein 1% + biotin.

Strengthens and coats the hair fibre to provide structure and volume to the hair. Hydrates and soothes the scalp.

95% naturally-derived ingredients.

Anti-dandruff shampoo

Concerns: oily and dry dandruffs.

Active ingredients: piroctone olamine 1% + jujube extract.

Reduces the proliferation of the fungus responsible for dandruff, regulates desquamation and calms scalp irritations.

95% naturally-derived ingredients.


Discover our new activated shampoos